For customer support folks

For customer support folks

Customer support folks are empathetic, patient, problem solvers, excellent communicators, creative thinkers, troubleshooting masters, customer advocates, and anything else they need to be to help their customers.

Basically, they're incredible humans doing work that's highly valuable—without question or qualifier.

This isn't work that just anyone with a high school diploma, an internet connection, and the ability to string words together into sentences can do.

It takes more than a high school diploma...
To go beyond answering the original question and proactively prevent a customer from running into another issue.
It takes more than an internet connection...
To break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand ideas that make customers feel smart and capable, instead of talked down to or small.
It takes more than knowing how to write complete sentences...
To lead with empathy, advocate for policy changes that better serve customers, and constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve support resources.

Customer support pros who care take it personally when customers are frustrated or upset, even though it's not their fault. They take on unhappy customers and show them that someone is listening, someone is taking them seriously, and at least one person in the world will stick with them until they figure things out.

And they do that while managing 28 other customer requests, following up with the dev team on an urgent bug report, and handling communications about a server that went down and is impacting hundreds of other customers.

It's incredibly challenging work.

It's also incredibly rewarding.

If you're in customer support and you get those happy dopamine hits that can only come from helping a customer resolve a tricky issue on a Friday afternoon, where they've deleted all the things, and they think the world is on fire 🔥, you're in the right place.

Leslie Knope giving compliments

Break Into Remote exists to help those in customer support get remote jobs at awesome remote companies.

This is about finding a remote job that will give you the flexibility to enjoy your life—more

This isn’t about landing just any remote job. 

It's about finding a remote job at a company with more opportunities for growth, more money and benefits, and a culture that appreciates the value of the work you do while treating you like a human that deserves respect (because you do). 

(If you happen to not be human, then email me immediately. Two questions: How long have you been sentient, and how can I help you destroy all the Pinkberrys? I assume that's your mission because frozen yogurt is "the celery of desserts." h/t Ron Swanson.)

Ron Swanson's thoughts on frozen yogurt

Most job search and career advice websites exist to help as many people as they can.

There's nothing wrong with that. It's great that they want to help job seekers.

But if you're following the served-to-the-masses job hunting advice that exists on the interwebs, you're going to end up in that post-apocalyptic world of silent rejection where "Who Let the Dogs Out" plays on repeat and the zombies are unexplainably fast 😬

While those sites are trying to be helpful, they don't consider that…

Awesome remote companies don't hire like everyone else.

The remote companies that are intentionally creating humanized work environments actually care about the individual they are hiring. They want to know more about you than simply whether you’ve spent 2-3 years in customer support roles.

Awesome remote companies want to hire someone who will thrive and add value, not only to the role but to their company and their culture. 

To find people like that, they can’t hire like most companies do. So they do things differently.

Which means you need to do things differently, too. 

That's where
Break Into Remote comes in.

Hey 👋 I’m Odalis, the creator of Break Into Remote.

I’ve been hiring remote customer support folks for 4+ years as the head of a customer success team at a fully remote company, and I absolutely love working remotely.

I see more and more remote companies doing a fantastic job of creating cultures that give support teams the credit, respect, and compensation they deserve.

My mission is to help support folks find roles at awesome remote companies and create their own remote lifestyles.

If you're in customer support and want a remote job, I think you'll love what I have for you here at BIR.

I create actionable resources that focus on what matters for landing a remote job.

So you can skip the articles on "How to Get Resume Margins Right" (it's ridiculous that articles like that even exist) and go straight to discovering how to include the alignment and excitement that awesome remote companies are raring to see.

You can...

Remote work can pave the way to a life where you have more control.

If this sounds like your jam, stick around!

Check out the resources and guides.

Reach out with your questions or tell me your all-time favorite Parks & Rec quote. (I feel like one is a crazy ask since there are SO MANY amazing ones. So maybe top 10?)

If you care about changing your job to change your life, I'm here for you.

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