Stuck? Tell me About It
(Venting is Therapeutic)

Tell me about where you're stuck with your job search right now.

If you're here because you want to land a remote support job at an awesome company, then I'm offering to dig in with you to make that happen.

We don't know each other yet, but I want to help you land a remote job. To find a support job at company where you'll be respected, valued, and paid (well). Why?

Because I believe that people who do customer support work are incredible humans who do invaluable work that is too often undervalued. And when you work remotely at a company that appreciates you and the work you do, you get a chance to enjoy life more—and you deserve that.

So I’d love to hear about what working remotely would mean to you and what you think is stopping you from getting there.

  • Where do you find yourself getting stuck in landing your first remote job?
  • What have you already tried to get a remote job that hasn't worked out?
  • What questions do you have that you've been dying to ask someone about finding a remote job?
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