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Find the Best Remote Support Jobs

Don't waste your time slogging through dozens of developer jobs across endless remote job boards to end up with only call center jobs that pay hourly and require a piece of your dignity everyday.
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Double Your Interviews

You've been applying for remote support jobs for months and you haven't been messing around. You're doing research; constantly tweaking your resume and cover letter; trying to connect with folks at the company you want to work; attending webinars and reading dozens of articles; so, basically, all the things. And all you're getting is an echo of crickets growing louder from your inbox.

Find out why and, more importantly, how to turn that echo of silent rejection into a roaring stack of interview requests.
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Apply With Confidence

You've been cobbling together tips from online articles to improve your applications but the silent rejection continues. You're not sure what you're doing wrong and you just want to be seen. Let's put an end to that.

Stack Up the Interviews will guide you step-by-step on creating the kind of bomb-ass, where-have-you-been-my-whole-life application that will have hiring managers scrambling to talk to you.
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How to Land a Remote Customer Support Job at an Awesome Company

In this webinar for We Work Remotely, I cover how to break into remote work through customer support, how to find high-quality & well-paid remote support jobs, how support work/teams/people are perceived in the remote work world, and lots more. The webinar is a 40-minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.
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The Customer Support Stack

A curated directory of the best customer support resources and tools that can help you uplevel your support skills during your job search, introduce you to new career paths that fit your customer-facing skills, and helps you understand the incredible value of the support work that you do.
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Why You Didn't Get the Job

Get insights from remote hiring managers at Zapier, Hotjar, Doist, and more on what to do more of, what to avoid, and whether prior remote work experience even matters in landing a remote support job at a worthy remote company.
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