Stack Up the Interviews at Worthy Remote companies

End the months of silent rejection while applying less

Let's solve one of your biggest problems today, shall we?

You've been applying for months with no interviews to show for it. You're constantly cobbling together tips from online articles to improve your applications but the silent rejection continues. You're not sure what you're doing wrong or how to fix it.

So let me help you get you started in the right direction today.

Stack Up the Interviews includes:

The 3-step formula that shows you *exactly* how to land interviews at the best remote companies.
It is specifically designed for experienced customer support folks who refuse to settle for hourly, no respect, crapfest support jobs. You'll have custom templates, checklists, and tons of examples to help you create a resume, cover letter, and application that puts you in the top 1% of applicants.
Copy/paste bullets for your applications from The Motherload of Support Awesomeness.
You offer so much more than experience "handling 200 support requests per month in Zendesk with a 95% satisfaction rate." So confidently show the value of your experience and skills in your cover letters, resumes, and entire application.
Access to The Vault which cover everything else that actually matters for landing interviews at awesome remote companies.
Includes salary data and negotiation insights to get you paid what you deserve, little-known ways to show versus telling why they would be lucky to have you, and how to get you in the "why yes, I would be a total asset to your team and company" mindset. (Hint: changing your mindset will make everything else about your job search the best kind of cakewalk).

Is this right for you?

Stack Up the Interviews isn't for everyone.

Take the 20-second "Remote Support Dream Job" pop quiz to see if it's for you.

Question # 1
Are you looking for the job? Your dream remote job in a customer-facing role?

(And not just the first remote job you can get.)
Question # 2
Do you have experience working with customers & KNOW that you're passionate about it?

(You're not just looking for a support role because it's an "easy" way to go remote.)
Question # 3
Are you looking for a company with a great culture that cares about its people?

(You want better pay, more respect and opportunities, and exactly 0.00 toxicity.)

If you answered "Hell yeah!" to all three questions above (all of them), then Stack Up the Interviews was created just for you.

A good resume or cover letter writer will typically cost you about $300-$500. A typical remote job course comes in around $397-$497 these days. None of those options focus specifically on customer support folks looking for awesome remote jobs. Only Stack Up the Interviews does.

And you can sign up today and immediately get access to everything above in your own private member area for just $79.

Just click the button below and start today.

Double Your Interviews at
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about a BIR Membership? Well, don't hoard it all for yourself! Let me know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about a BIR Membership? Well, don't hoard it all for yourself! Let me know.