Turn Your Customer Support Experience Into Your First Remote Job

Episode Notes

Remote hiring managers get dozens of emails or LinkedIn messages from applicants when we're hiring for a new job. Here's why you should rethink that strategy and what you can do instead.


Remote & Customer Support Slack Communities

What to Ask the Hiring Manager 

  • For clarification on things that were NOT included in the job description or on the company website.
  • If their values aren’t public or their team page doesn’t show how big the support team is, you can ask them about that.
  • If you want to know if they’re looking for someone more junior or senior, ask them about that.
  • Pretty much, ask about the things that matter to you when it comes to choosing a job.

More tips for landing a remote support job at an awesome remote company: breakintoremote.com.

If you're tired and frustrated with getting nothing but crickets 🦗 from companies when applying to remote support jobs, check out the Stack Up the Interviews guide: stackuptheinterviews.breakintoremote.com.